Privacy Policy

What information is being collected?

All information entered into our database except payment information such as your name, company identifier, email address, postal address, contact telephone number, social media links.

Who is collecting it?

Afro Business Empire

How is it being collected?

Information is being collected via Afro Business Empire website. Consent is given upon completely  any of the forms on our website as a business or an individual  

Why is it being collected?

To validate that you are eligible for access to this service we’ll need to collect and store some personal information about you and your business. 

How will it be used?

Business details will be entered into our directory for our customers to access during their search on our website. Personal details such as email address and name may be used for newsletters if subscribed to. 

Who will it be shared with? 

We will not share your personal preferences with anyone, but we may track clicks, retailer visits and offer views, so we can improve your experience on the site. We will never wilfully sell, trade, rent or otherwise transmit any personally identifiable information about you to any third party without first receiving your permission.

We will never store your debit or credit card details - all payment information &  payments are processed via Paypal our payment processor.  You are able to pay via Paypal whether or not you have an account

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