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Afro Business Empire is more than just a business or an enterprise. It's a labour of love. And it has this status because there is a need for its presence in the U.K. and across the globe.

There are a multitude of black owned businesses worldwide and they are known within their areas; within the groups who frequent them at varying times with limited central mediums available to spread knowledge of those businesses outside of these silos?

We asked ourselves what we could do to help drive collaborative working within the black community, with a view to empower, celebrate our successes and build a robust & cohesive network. From this passion and dream came the start of Afro Business Empire.

The objective is to achieve and create a central point; a go to place to search black owned businesses across the world, meeting a myriad of requirements within the community. The goal is for Afro Business Empire to provide you with a platform acting as your first point of call when buying goods, in addition to a one-stop shop. So say you need to buy hair products- individual or wholesale, browse our directory to see if there is a black owned business close by. Or, if you find a black owned business who you think may want to be included in our directory, tell them about us.

An investment in the development of our community can only be a positive thing. Rather than talking about it, we need to act upon it and spend within our own community. We should be keen to work towards building, maintaining and galvanising a network within the black community that will stand the test of time.

We need this. We can do this one step at a time. But remember, every step is a rise to the top.

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